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Hotel in Ramsau
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Ramsau am Dachstein - located at elevations ranging from 1,000 to 2,700 m above sea level - is a town renowned for its healthful climate.  In winter it presents itself as a sunny, snow-covered high plateau at the foot of the Dachstein Massif, enchanting visitors with broad, pristine expanses where unspoiled countryside and rich cultural heritage coexist in absolute harmony.  No wonder that this is such a special winter paradise.  Cross-country ski fans have their choice of some 150 km of first-rate, well-groomed trails, perfect for both the recreational skier and those seeking more athletic challenges. If taking a stroll or embarking on a winter hike is more "your thing", you'll find the relaxation and recreation you have been looking for on outstandingly maintained winter hiking paths, set far away from roads filled with busy traffic.  Awaiting Alpine skiers is one of the most beautiful family ski areas in all of Austria, with sun-drenched slopes set beneath the imposing Dachstein Massif.  And for a very special winter experience, there's nothing to match a romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride through the winter forests of the Ramsau.
Hotel in Ramsau
In summer, Ramsau is a sunny, richly forested plateau which looks out towards the south.  Consisting of a number of smaller communities scattered along the southern slopes of the Hoher Dachstein (elev. 3,004 m), this is a paradise for anyone who enjoys strolls through the countryside or hikes amidst high-mountain peaks. Here, on this high plateau which is 18 km in length and 4 km wide, you will discover a perfect setting in which to hike at what amounts, in essence, to 3 different levels: the meadows and forests of the plateau itself, the rocky trails and pastures of the hill country at elevations around 1700 meters, and the high-alpine hikes and climbs which beckon up beyond the 2,700-meter mark. In total, there are more than 200 km of marked hiking trails from which to choose. And, of course, we should not forget the Dachstein Glacier - this all-year-round ski area for downhill and cross-country enthusiasts, offers an unforgettable sporting and recreational experience on safe slopes and trails!
Hotel in Ramsau
Hotel in Ramsau

A - 8972 Ramsau am Dachstein,
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